SSD Tourmaline Solution

SSD Tourmaline Solution


This solution is a part of the SSD solution used for the cleaning of black money as well as defaced notes. So, you can use SSD tourmaline solution for cleaning notes and restore it into the original form.

Before working on the cleaning of black money, it’s better to know about what is SSD chemical solution? So, one can choose the right tourmaline solution for cleaning and restoration. Moreover, it’s better to know about all these facts and chemicals before to buy counterfeit money.


Tourmaline is used for the cleaning of black money. Mostly it uses for the extraction in combination with other SSD solution. So, you can use an SSD tourmaline solution for cleaning as well as for extraction.

However, extraction is a complex procedure and can’t be done without the help of professional chemists and technicians. Because it is a complete procedure of extracting the mercury from notes bills and other currency.

Therefore, it’s better to perform this operation under the guidance of professional chemists. So, you can perform the right task under the right instructions.

On the other hand, this tourmaline solution used to make defaced notes useable. In combination with Tebi-Manotic, our solution offers better preservation of semiconductors with the help of wet chemicals.

These solutions are used to preserve the defaced and cleaned notes for a long period. So, it’s better to know and buy these solutions before buy counterfeit money.

Mostly these solutions and preservations are sold to the organizations that are working on the preservation of defaced and clean money.
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SSD Chemical solution is used for the cleaning of anti-breezed, stained, and marked notes. Moreover, it helps to remove excessive substances from the surface of the currency. That’s why SSD tourmaline solution and other cleaning chemicals are the main components of the money cleaning industry. So, one can use this SSD solution to clean the defaced money easily and efficiently. Furthermore, it includes the cleaning of black money, stamped notes, and all types of banknotes. If you are dealing or buy counterfeit money then you will know about these solutions well.

For this, our site offers the top quality services for the delivery of these chemicals as compared to competitors. Moreover, our chemicals offer the fastest and quality results within no time with the right application of these chemicals.


These SSD solutions are highly dangerous and poisonous. So, these all require secure and safe delivery. Moreover, if you are using this SSD tourmaline solution by yourself then use gloves. Because it can be toxic while dealing with this tourmaline solution. Furthermore, focus on all instructions or mentioned in the manual for a long and lengthy money cleaning process. This solution is highly flammable. So, keep it away from heat and flame. Kindly, close the bottle tightly to avoid air penetration in it.


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